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Photo Album

     Here are some pics that I have taken of me hunting, my trapline and its catches and some other trapping-hunting related pics.

First Buck

This buck was taken in my home state of Ohio on the second day of the season while checking my traps.

Second Coon

This is a coon that I took In January in a set made for bait stealing coon


This skull were found after a trapline check, my guess is that it was belonged to a young raccoon.

A Nice Size Ohio Beaver

First Mink

Patience pays off when trapping. This one was taken at a feedbed that hadn't connected at all.
I decided to wait a day longer to pull this set and was rewarded with my first mink.
the day I did pull this set I caught a large buck mink to finish that line.

First Fox

On my third season trying to catch a fox I finally got one. Even better, this fox was caught with a bait that I made.