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Favorite Sites

These are a few trapping sites that I love to visit. These sites provide a lot of useful information for trappers. National Trappers Assoc.

The home page for the National Trappers Association. From here you can find links to the major fur houses, business affiliates, trapping forums and other trapping information as well as membership information and store.

Trapperman Forum

This is the premier trapper site on the Web. This is Paul Dobbins' site dedicated to the memory of his father, the late Charles Dobbins. You can ask questions on the Trap Chat board, post used traps and related trapping items for sale or trade on the Trap Shed forum, and ask some of the best ADC/NWAT trappers animal damage control problems on the ADC Forum. If you want to get a more rapid response go on the Trap Chat on-line trapline where you can ask your questions and get answers immediately, for Pirch and mIRC users you the server is UnitedChat and and then go to #dobbins.

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